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Mexico, a large North American state, is renowned for its pristine beaches and world-class resorts. The country's tourism industry has undergone a substantial growth boom in recent decades. It's no wonder why tourists love Mexico with its abundance of culture and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Although an increasing number of travelers from Europe and Asia also pay a visit to the country, the vast majority of visitors come from their neighbors to the north, Canada and the United States.

Tourism is one of the strongest economic engines in Mexico. The summer holiday season is also one of the fastest-growing periods for the flow of domestic and foreign visitors. According to estimates by the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Concanaco), this summer 6.73 million national and foreign tourists visited the country. This meant an economic spill of 378,000 million Mexican pesos and an increase of 4% compared to last year's summer vacations.

“Currently, Mexico is the sixth most visited country in the world, with more than 41.3 million foreign visitors, according to figures published by the Ministry of Tourism.”

These are the 15 most visited tourist destinations in 2019 according to the figures of the National Statistical and Geographical Information System of Tourism, according to the number of rooms occupied as well as the percentage of their occupation.

It's the capital, after all

1. Mexico City

It is the favorite destination of nationals and foreigners with a total of 34,434 rooms, that is, 65.8% occupancy.

Did someone say Mayas?

2. Riviera Maya

With a total of 31,163 rooms, it reached 82.6% occupancy.

Two words: Spring Break

3. Cancún

76.6% of occupancy was reached with 25,761 rooms.

Not too far away from LA

4. Los Cabos

With a total of 10,799 rooms, it reached 68.9% occupancy.

Home of Tequila and Mariachi

5. Guadalajara

With a total of 10,164 rooms, 55.9% occupancy was reached.

A good and old classic

6. Puerto Vallarta

74.1% occupancy was reached with 9,215 rooms.

Beware of the heat

7. Monterrey

With a total of 9,152 rooms occupied, it reaches seventh place with 65.8% occupancy.

Don't miss out "La quebrada"

8. Acapulco

8,188 rooms were occupied, that is, 43.5% of its capacity

Old or new, both are good!

9. Nuevo Vallarta

With a total of 7,428 rooms, it reached 77.5% occupancy.

Home of "corridos"

10. Mazatlán

With a total of 6,089 rooms, 60.6% occupancy was reached.

Nice city, not so crowded

11. Puebla

5,798 rooms were occupied, that is, 65.9% of its capacity.

Number one rival of Mexico City

12. Querétaro

It reached a 61.2% occupancy with 4,439 rooms.

Top 3 safest city in the world

13. Mérida

With a total of 4,252 rooms occupied, it reaches 63.5% occupancy.

Ancient city!

14. Veracruz

It reached 43.6% occupancy with 3,775 rooms.

Beach and sun, nothing else to ask for.

15. Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo

With a total of 3,529 rooms, it obtained 60.3% occupancy.

Although a vast majority are located on the coast, there are 6 cities that made it into the top: Mexico City, Guanajuato, Monterrey, Puebla, Queretaro, and Guadalajara. And for a good reason, these cities are old as our history and they’re filled with plenty of historical places. If its culture what you’re into, then you cannot miss them on your next visit to Mexico.

And, if you’re visiting Mexico, don’t forget to check our lessons that will help you get around; or if you already speak Spanish, then polish your Mexican accent with the help of our podcast.

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